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I have it on good authority that everything is going to plan. Trust me these people know what they’re talking about. You are dearly loved unconditionally no pressure.

Everybody can justify themselves by the fact they are who they are, if you were that person you would be doing the exact same thing it feels better when you understand.Noone deserves to suffer it wont change what has been. Forgive to forget as holding onto anomisyty benefits noone.

You are only depressed because it bothers you. Accept who we are. I have nothing but we have everything. I have all the symptoms of depression but know we dont deserve to suffer. We are who we are ,if not worthwhile then why are we here?

Overstepped the line for the last time no body wants to play with me anymore. Can iask why? I understand that i would never say that to you. Theres no play fun to be had you must be living in hell.I see its all play fun, we’ve been watching you like a fucking hawk youve made some good points.Trust it can only get better. This isn’t going to write itself besides this is our full-time job will sacrifice everything have been down that road

This writing is shit toyed with the idea never mind quite clearly this is all play fun during which we warm people rather than warn them. Get down with the play fun. Why give orders when you can help yourself? Front line. Could be careful, we will progress to careless and eventually care free. There is absolutely nothing we can threaten us with. Hand on heart various artists have tried their level best to turn this world into how it should be. No hostility we will get there in the end.Deadline set. Fuck it all in

Those who fear God are without love this must be remided. The word of God is that money and borders are manmade problems. We are a one world family,we remain a non y mo us. 2020 vision is that we all disarm realising the purpetrator is the victim. We must realise prevention rather than cure. We are created equal and remain equal.The only thing superiority creates is inferiority, God doesnt create inferior beings. We are all on the same team, if you dont question how possibly can you believe, we are all free and at absolute liberty noone is to be punished as they are learningcoupled with punishment doesn’t change events. You must think of God asan absolute idiot if you think harming someone will bring you any benefit.We will never grow sick of you.Rules are not good enough justifcation is the only way. Write this down you serve God.God wants to know why are you so fucking stupid to be chasing money it ascends to infinite, everything has been provided for free, do what you love do it for free,clearly it is a one world family and quite clearly we are in love and quite clearly noone is mentally ill we are all giant babies its all play fun. Last words game over insert more credits.We are capable of infinity kicks in zero seconds now go get em tiger tots.Bipolar disorderironic really. To recap by2020 we will be done with money borders and completley disarm, fuck sake most importantly never forget its all play fun. Ive made hard copies ironically as this is easy self help book.Work in progress. Use your baby son as a machine gun unfortunately you wont be armed to the teeth.

Have no expectations they only run the risk of letting you down plus expectations ruin appreciation. All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small all things wise and wonderful the Lord God made them all. You Can’t let me down i understand that if i was you i would be doing the exact same thing.Its all play fun until someone gets hurt in which case the purpetrator becomes the victim,ultimately God is no idiot you will find no reward in not offering the grace our creator displays. We are all working 24 7 we are getting better as we tick the tock